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Epson EH-TW5650

Epson EH-TW5650


Epson EH-TW5650

  • White and Colour Brightness at 2,500lm
  • Full HD Resolution
  • 60,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Screen mirroring and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Support MHL-enabled devices

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Projection Technology:

Projection Technology:RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system

Specifications of Main Parts:

LCD:Size: 0.61" wide panel (D10, C2Fine, 10Bit)Native Resolution:1080pProjection Lens:Type: Optical Zoom (Manual) / Focus (Manual)
F-Number: 1.51 - 1.99
Throw Ratio: 1.33 - 2.16 (Wide - Tele)
Zoom Ratio: 1 - 1.6Lamp:Type: 200W UHE
Life (Normal / Eco)*1: 4,500 hours / 7,500 hours

Screen Size (Projected Distance):

Standard Size:80” screen 2.35-3.82mZoom : Wide:30” - 300” [0.87-8.9m]Zoom : Tele:30” - 300” [1.42 – 14.5m]


White Light Output (Normal):2,500 lm / 1,650 lmColour Light Output:2,500 lm

Contrast Ratio:

Contrast Ratio:60,000:1

Geometric Correction:

Vertical/Horizontal Keystone:±30° / ±30° (Slide Bar)Auto Keystone:Yes (Vertical)Horizontal Slide Keystone Correction:YesQuick Corner:Yes


Analog Input:D-Sub 15pin: 1 (Blue)Digital Input:HDMI: 2 (one of terminal supports MHL)Audio Out:Stereo Mini Jack x 1Wireless:Built-inUSB Input:USB-Type A: 1 (for 1000mA Power Supply, Slideshow and Firmware Update)
USB-Type B: 1 Mini-USB (for service)


Power Supply Voltage:100 - 240 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz

Operating Altitude:

Operating Altitude:0 - 3,000 m <0 - 9,843 ft> (over 1,500m / 4,921ft: with high altitude mode)

Start-Up Period:

Start-Up Period:Under 15 seconds
Warm-up period: 30 seconds

Cool Down Period:

Cool Down Period:Under 5 seconds

Direct Power On/Off:

Direct Power On/Off:Yes / N/A

Power Consumption (220 - 240V):

Lamp On (Normal/Eco):296W / 227WStand By (Network On / Off):2.0W / 0.2W

Dimension Excluding Feet (W x H x D):

Dimension Excluding Feet (W x H x D):309 x 107 x 278 mm


Weight:Approx. 3.5kg

Fan Noise:

Fan Noise (Normal / Eco):37dB / 27dB

Projection Lens:

Lens Shift:Vertical: +45% to +60%

Wireless Specifications:

Supported Speed for Each Mode:IEEE 802.11b: 11 Mbps*3
IEEE 802.11g: 54 Mbps*3
IEEE 802.11n: 130 Mbps*3Wireless LAN Security:Quick: WPA2-PSK, Advanced: WPA/WPA2-PSKSupported Connection Mode:Infrastructure, Access Point

Adjustment Functions:

Aspect Mode:Yes (Auto / Normal / Full / Zoom)Frame Interpolation:Yes

Image Enhancement:

Detail Enhancement:Yes

Operating Temperature:

Operating Temperature:5 - 35 °C <41 - 95 °F> ( 0m / 0ft - 2,286m / 7,500ft )
5 - 30 °C <41 - 86 °F> ( over 2,286m / 7,500ft )

Internal Speaker(s):

Sound Output:10W Monaural

3D Features:

3D Display:Yes3D Format:Yes3D Depth:Yes2D - 3D Conversion:Yes

Wireless Specifications (Miracast):

Supported Speed for Each Mode:IEEE 802.11g (2.4GHz): 54 Mbps*3
IEEE 802.11n (2.4GHz): 130.0 Mbps*3
IEEE 802.11a (5GHz): 54 Mbps*3
IEEE 802.11n (5GHz): 270.0 Mbps*3
IEEE 802.11ac (5GHz): 780 Mbps*3Wireless LAN Security:WPA2-PSK (AES)Supported Connection Mode:Wi-Fi Direct


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Epson EH-TW5650

Epson EH-TW5650

Epson EH-TW5650

  • White and Colour Brightness at 2,500lm
  • Full HD Resolution
  • 60,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Screen mirroring and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Support MHL-enabled devices

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Epson EH-TW5650 <div class="text-rows three-up control-row"> <div class="product-classifications"> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Projection Technology:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Projection Technology:</strong>RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Specifications of Main Parts:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>LCD:</strong>Size: 0.61" wide panel (D10, C2Fine, 10Bit)<strong>Native Resolution:</strong>1080p<strong>Projection Lens:</strong>Type: Optical Zoom (Manual) / Focus (Manual)<br />F-Number: 1.51 - 1.99<br />Throw Ratio: 1.33 - 2.16 (Wide - Tele)<br />Zoom Ratio: 1 - 1.6<strong>Lamp:</strong>Type: 200W UHE<br />Life (Normal / Eco)*1: 4,500 hours / 7,500 hours</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Screen Size (Projected Distance):</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Standard Size:</strong>80&rdquo; screen 2.35-3.82m<strong>Zoom : Wide:</strong>30&rdquo; - 300&rdquo; [0.87-8.9m]<strong>Zoom : Tele:</strong>30&rdquo; - 300&rdquo; [1.42 &ndash; 14.5m]</div> </div> </div> <div class="additional-content"> <div class="text-rows three-up"> <div class="product-classifications"> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Brightness*2:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>White Light Output (Normal):</strong>2,500 lm / 1,650 lm<strong>Colour Light Output:</strong>2,500 lm</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Contrast Ratio:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Contrast Ratio:</strong>60,000:1</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Geometric Correction:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Vertical/Horizontal Keystone:</strong>&plusmn;30&deg; / &plusmn;30&deg; (Slide Bar)<strong>Auto Keystone:</strong>Yes (Vertical)<strong>Horizontal Slide Keystone Correction:</strong>Yes<strong>Quick Corner:</strong>Yes</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Connectivity:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Analog Input:</strong>D-Sub 15pin: 1 (Blue)<strong>Digital Input:</strong>HDMI: 2 (one of terminal supports MHL)<strong>Audio Out:</strong>Stereo Mini Jack x 1<strong>Wireless:</strong>Built-in<strong>USB Input:</strong>USB-Type A: 1 (for 1000mA Power Supply, Slideshow and Firmware Update)<br />USB-Type B: 1 Mini-USB (for service)</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Power:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Power Supply Voltage:</strong>100 - 240 V AC &plusmn;10%, 50/60 Hz</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Operating Altitude:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Operating Altitude:</strong>0 - 3,000 m &lt;0 - 9,843 ft&gt; (over 1,500m / 4,921ft: with high altitude mode)</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Start-Up Period:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Start-Up Period:</strong>Under 15 seconds<br />Warm-up period: 30 seconds</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Cool Down Period:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Cool Down Period:</strong>Under 5 seconds</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Direct Power On/Off:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Direct Power On/Off:</strong>Yes / N/A</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Power Consumption (220 - 240V):</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Lamp On (Normal/Eco):</strong>296W / 227W<strong>Stand By (Network On / Off):</strong>2.0W / 0.2W</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Dimension Excluding Feet (W x H x D):</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Dimension Excluding Feet (W x H x D):</strong>309 x 107 x 278 mm</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Weight:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Weight:</strong>Approx. 3.5kg</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Fan Noise:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Fan Noise (Normal / Eco):</strong>37dB / 27dB</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Projection Lens:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Lens Shift:</strong>Vertical: +45% to +60%</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Wireless Specifications:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Supported Speed for Each Mode:</strong>IEEE 802.11b: 11 Mbps*3<br />IEEE 802.11g: 54 Mbps*3<br />IEEE 802.11n: 130 Mbps*3<strong>Wireless LAN Security:</strong>Quick: WPA2-PSK, Advanced: WPA/WPA2-PSK<strong>Supported Connection Mode:</strong>Infrastructure, Access Point</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Adjustment Functions:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Aspect Mode:</strong>Yes (Auto / Normal / Full / Zoom)<strong>Frame Interpolation:</strong>Yes</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Image Enhancement:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Detail Enhancement:</strong>Yes</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Operating Temperature:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Operating Temperature:</strong>5 - 35 &deg;C &lt;41 - 95 &deg;F&gt; ( 0m / 0ft - 2,286m / 7,500ft )<br />5 - 30 &deg;C &lt;41 - 86 &deg;F&gt; ( over 2,286m / 7,500ft )</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Internal Speaker(s):</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Sound Output:</strong>10W Monaural</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>3D Features:</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>3D Display:</strong>Yes<strong>3D Format:</strong>Yes<strong>3D Depth:</strong>Yes<strong>2D - 3D Conversion:</strong>Yes</div> <div class="text-row"> <h4><strong>Wireless Specifications (Miracast):</strong></h4> <hr /><strong>Supported Speed for Each Mode:</strong>IEEE 802.11g (2.4GHz): 54 Mbps*3<br />IEEE 802.11n (2.4GHz): 130.0 Mbps*3<br />IEEE 802.11a (5GHz): 54 Mbps*3<br />IEEE 802.11n (5GHz): 270.0 Mbps*3<br />IEEE 802.11ac (5GHz): 780 Mbps*3<strong>Wireless LAN Security:</strong>WPA2-PSK (AES)<strong>Supported Connection Mode:</strong>Wi-Fi Direct</div> </div> </div> </div>

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